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Examples of our 3D animations

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Create unique 3D animation

We create your 3D animation film – present your product attractively. With our 3D animation you present your brand or your product in a detailed and captivating way. Effects such as sound or sound waves reproduce real, invisible details vividly. In this way you give your customers an insight into the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

At B-Nex, we produce well-thought-out, high-quality animated films and 3D product images, and put your product in the spotlight it deserves. The higher quality, more real and more emotional the 3D visualization, the easier it is to bring a vision, a building project and also a new product to the customer.

With the support of our experienced 3D artists from various specialist areas, we create professional animations that are specially tailored and optimized to your needs. It is worth working with us. We look forward to you!

This is how B-Nex creates an animation

You can achieve this with an individual 3D animation

A few examples of how different industries can benefit from our 3D animations:

Housing associations

Open up new ones
Perspectives through an appealing 3D animation of your property, machine and system.

Medical section

Easy-to-understand animations eliminate patient worries and misunderstandings by visually explaining the treatment methods and effects of drugs.

Building contractor

As a construction company, visualize your construction plans or objects virtually using a 3D tour or an aesthetic 3D product image. Start Marketing Right Now!

Mechanical engineering

Show all the special functions of your systems and machines. With a diverse 3D animation, you can present the customer with what has only happened in front of your inner eye until now.

Healthcare company

3D product visualization: CGI packshots, product shots, product presentations and key visuals show the effect of their active ingredient.


3D animations and product videos for your technical products.


Presentation of food and convenience items, ready-to-print 3D packshots and organization of image pools.


Key visuals, 3D animations and explanatory films for the automotive industry.

Marketing with 3D animations

A consistent result emerged from several studies: Potential customers are four times more likely to watch a video than to fight their way through a detailed article. The viewers feel more quickly addressed by the video because the visual attractiveness of the videos and their messages remains in their heads. With a 3D animation you can create a whole new brand experience and present your company as modern and progressive.

3D Animationen mit B-Nex

Product communication with animations

We put your products or services in the limelight and can inspire your potential customers to buy. With a 3D animation you will transparently bring your product range to life before it is even on the market. Planning becomes reality in the truest sense of the word. They give precise insights into the function, manufacture and composition of your products. Visual simplification and the dynamic design give the representation and illustration of products countless possibilities that would otherwise be inaccessible. For example, you can show the inner workings of your object and thus show other advantages that would otherwise be difficult to represent. The potential buyer has the feeling that they can already hold the product in their hands before it is on the market.

Our individual 3D animations take care of that

“With 3D you are immersed directly in the world”, is how the Oscar-winning describes
Film director Ang Lee the effect of a 3D animation. This scenario doesn’t just apply to the entertainment industry. On the contrary, 3D animations also play a decisive role in effective marketing, sales and (product) communication for companies, brands and organizations. 3D visualization means practically limitless possibilities to cast a spell on your customers, to inspire them and to touch them emotionally.

With the three-dimensional representation, products are presented, processes are explained and processes are clearly illustrated. A 3D animation simplifies this presentation and explains product lines, processes or other communication and marketing-related things in a simple and, above all, appealing way. In this way, you create an emotional bond between your offer and your customers right from the start. You can also successfully transform your brand message into a 3D animation.

Effectively increase conversion rates with 3D animations

It is known that videos and images capture and hold people’s attention better than text. You can use this to your advantage by using stunning 3D images and animations. This is how you gain higher market shares. Capture and keep the audience’s attention with a 3D animation. They can provide important information about your product without being seen as boring and show the end user what your project will ultimately look like. This will help you better educate the customer and help him understand the project better. A 3D animation will impress your audience!

Show authenticity with a 3D animation

Your brand is your identity. With it you stand out from your competitors and create a competitive advantage. 3D animations help you promote your brand and product and keep you in the minds of the audience. You can express your individuality and uniqueness with an individual choice of colors, materials and much more in the 3D animation. In this way, you successfully stand out from the market because you are perceived as being at the cutting edge of technology, while your competition is still advertising with 2D drafts.

Shine authority and with our animations Professionalism

The appearance of your website and your project has a direct influence on the flow of customers. This first impression teaches your skills. This gives your potential clientele the main reason as to whether or not you can imagine working with you. Increase your customer flow through professional SEO practices and 3D animations. This will take you to the top search results. That will increase your exposure and visibility and effectively increase brand awareness. With the correct and optimized presentation of your brand you attract visitors and with an appealing 3D animation you convert them into customers.

That is why it is worth working with B NEX

Our main motivation is to work effectively with you. Together we will reveal all your wishes and realize them in an appealing 3D animation. We react agilely to changes or adaptation requests. With our many years of experience and expertise, we will take your project to the next level. We would be happy to create a tailor-made 3D animation video for you. We look forward to you!

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Frequently asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions answered by our animation experts.

Definitely! A 3D animation simplifies the presentation and introduction of your product and explains product lines, processes or other communication and marketing-related things simply and, above all, in an appealing way. In this way, you create an emotional bond between your offer and your customers right from the start. You can also successfully transform your brand message into a 3D animation.

A 3D animation supports you in marketing, corporate and product communication. An appealing video is four times more likely to be viewed than an advertising copy is read. In addition, your project stays in the mind of the viewer. With a 3D animation you can bring your product to life and give precise insights into its function, manufacture and composition. They not only represent a process, but also make the future of the company tangible for customers and employees. They give it a shape and a face.

Quite a few, with the predominant one being an accurate, engaging, and engaging representation of your product. You can establish an emotional connection with the visitor and present your project in a lively way. This sets you apart from the competition and shows authenticity and exudes authority. It’s a unique selling proposition.

Because we can professionally realize all of the customer’s wishes with close cooperation. With our experience and expertise, we will work with you to get the best out of the products and adapt the 3D animation to all ideas in an agile manner.

You have further questions ?

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